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become a real estate rockstar


To create an epic real estate experience that inspires & impacts the world.



To help Beach bums manifest an EPIC life



Positive, empowering, & supportive culture

Growth Environment to help you become a level 10 version of you

Top Level training, coaching, & support

Dynamic Branding & Marketing Suite

Ultra fun client, database, & community events

5- Star Client Experience 

Ultimate Rockstar Leverage Package- systems, tools, people, expenses


Realizing our vision & living out our mission, requires a high performing, high achieving team with an awesome culture. We've created a team model to support our mission and vision. Our goal is to connect, support, and empower our team members first so that we can make the biggest impact in our Communities. We accomplish our goal with our Rockstar Business Partnership!


Our model centers around high level productivity, constant up-leveling of skills, powerful coaching, service excellence, and personal & professional growth. These five elements are the foundation of our Rockstar Partnerships and enable our agents to build


careers worth having

businesses worth owning

lives worth living

legacies worth leaving 

Whether you are just beginning your real estate business, growing your business, or have an established business and want to prepare it to sell to exit the industry, we at Rockstar have the solution for you.


At different stages of your business, you have different needs. Our team partnership to provides the ultimate leverage package to take you to wherever it is that you want to go, so that you are empowered to live a life by DESIGN, rather than by DEAULT. That is what we call connecting, supporting, & empowering.


Leverage is power. Rockstar leverage enables our Agents to perform higher, build long term sustainable careers, net more money, and provide exceptional service to their clients, even long after the transaction is closed. That is truly powerful & priceless. 

Below, you'll find an overview of the value we offer, but there is so much more than what you'll see here. Contact us to set up a FREE business audit and to discover our full value proposition. 


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for Megas & moguls

35 + closed units or $15m+


Hey Mega Agent! You've built your business to where it is now and you should be so proud of yourself! It's time to go to next level. The trouble is... you're stressed to the max. Burn out has become a near constant. You want to break through to the next level, but there are not enough hours in the day... or bottles of wine on the planet... to get you there.

You need leverage.

We've got exactly what you need. We pack our Rockstar Mega & Mogul Partners with tons of high value leverage in the form of people, systems, resources, & executive level coaching. We provide everything you need to break through to get you what you want:

More capacity for growth

Time back

Less stress


A salable business that provides passive income

✔️ Administrative Support

✔️ Excellent Client Experience designed to bring you 5 star reviews & referrals

✔️ Executive Coaching

✔️ Office Space

✔️ Leads

✔️ All Marketing Expenses paid for

✔️ Systems designed to simplify & give you your time back

✔️ Leadership Opportunities

✔️ Half cap to KW

✔️ High level database program to bring in new, repeat, & referral business & build a salable business

Rockstar Academy

enrollment is currently closed

Rockstar Academy was designed to teach our team members the skills, habits, & mindsets of high achieving real estate agents. This 12 week course will challenge you at every level, so get comfortable getting uncomfortable, Rockstar! 

Whether you've been in the business 3 days or 3 decades...

Rockstar Academy will lay or reinforce the solid foundation on which you will build your business or break through to the next level. This intensive is held live on Tuesdays from 11am-12pm beginning October. You'll dive deep on the 5 most important practices of a Rockstar Agent:

1. Lead generation (acquiring clients)

2. Lead conversion (converting leads to appointments & contracts)

3. Presenting on appointments with Buyers & Sellers (depending on level)

4. Negotiating contracts & finding a win-win

5. The scripts & dialogues you need to succeed at the highest level

You'll have homework, additional training courses, reading, & journaling exercises each week & will be held accountable. If it is results you want, it is results you'll get. 20% is training & 80% is how you show up. Are you ready to take the plunge & get serious about your future success?


This course is exclusively available to Rockstar Team Members & Apprentices. Space is limited.

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for Rockstars

5-24 closed units or $2.5m-$15m

You're on your way, Rockstar! You're officially in production and climbing your way up! It is time to breakthrough to the next level. The thing is, you're not totally clear on what that means or what it looks like, let alone how to get there. You simply don't know what's possible.

You need mastery of habits & skills.

You want to take your business to the next level and you need help to get there. Don't worry, Rockstar. We've got the value proposition you need to succeed at the highest level.


Our Value proposition for Rockstar Agents is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and teach you how to live our #1 core value. This core value will take you to where you want to go. 

Be. Do. Achieve.

You'll be trained and coached to establish the habits, mindsets, skills, and practices of highly successful real estate agents. Get ready to get comfortable getting uncomfortable, because the Rockstar Partnership requires one thing every single day: Execution. In this Partnership, you'll build your mastery in the 5 key areas that will lead to long term success in your business. Watch out. You're about to be unstoppable.

✔️ Administrative Support

✔️ Growth Environment

✔️ Excellent Client Experience designed to bring you 5 star reviews & referrals

✔️ 1 on 1 Accountability Coaching

✔️ Half of the leads you need to hit your goals

✔️ All Marketing Expenses paid for

✔️ Systems designed to simplify your life

✔️ Signs & Lockboxes

✔️ Half cap to KW

✔️ High level database touch program to get you new, repeat, & referral business

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