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Buying Leiki Chapter 2: The Vision & The Visionary

5 years ago, I sat down to meditate with a notebook and a pencil and asked myself what I envisioned for my life. If I could do anything in the world without worry of money or social rejection, or anything else, what would I spend my life doing?

I sat with it for a long time in meditation, and then… as if someone had turned the lights on, the magic poured from my heart to the paper. With every stroke of my pencil, I could feel sparks inside of my mind, my heart, and my spirit.

I drew a bunch of circles. At this time, I was a solo real estate agent, operating on my own. I drew one circle and inside, I wrote “real estate team”. In another circle, I wrote “media”. In another, I wrote “clothing brand”, “surf”, “beach life”, “puerto rico, florida, costa rica, nicaragua”) . I continued drawing circles of what I saw, letting my vision unfold: messy, unorganized, confusing, and totally wild.

I couldn’t make sense of it all, but I had this overwhelming feeling deep within my spirit that I didn’t need to know how the pieces would fit together. I simply had to be an open vessel for God/ The Universe/ Sourced Energy to show me what I was meant to do. In this way, I’d know when it came to fruition, that it actually had nothing to do with me and everything to do with God’s purpose for my life. I just went with it.

Slowly, over a period of years, the pieces began to come together and the vision became more and more clear. As someone with (at this time, undiagnosed) ADHD, I don’t do well with patience, yet I’ve come to learn that God teaches us the lessons we need, not necessarily the lessons we want, so that we can grow into the fullest expression of ourselves and live out our purpose, so he really taught me (and is still teaching me) patience with his unfurling of this vision.

Along this journey, I struggled deeply with self-confidence as well as all of the things that a neurodivergent (defined as: differing in mental or neurological function from what is considered normal, or neurotypical), but I was on a path to personal growth in order to change who I was.

I didn’t realize at that time, that the root of personal growth was self-discovery and acceptance, but that was a beautiful lesson that I came to learn in the process.

Anyway, I spent most of my time when I wasn't working on building out my vision or hanging with my fam, reading and studying personal development, and became a business coach, so that I could learn business at a deeper level, from a perspective outside of real estate.

My mind kind of exploded when I took a business coaching assessment and discovered that I was a high match for CEO. At the same time, I discovered in a separate assessment, that I was also a super high match for a visionary, which makes sense considering a CEO is a visionary.

These types of assessments are extremely powerful in uncovering your purpose, because you'll discover what you already kind of knew about yourself, but never actually articulated. It's pretty wild.

You see, in taking those assessments, they unpack in great detail the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of these TYPE of personalities. Guess what one of the characteristics of CEOs and visionaries is… ADHD.

I wasn't broken or stupid or aloof.

I was a f*cking TYPE.

A CEO- type.


If I was a CEO- type, it meant that other people had brains like mine, and in this case, those people also had a vision like I did. I began to grow in confidence, and deepen my study on neurodivergence &ADHD and a whole new world of self-discovery opened up for me. I began to see that God just made me a little different and although that may seem a little strange to some people, I still had a lot to offer to the world.

The difference was… now I was ready to stop giving a f*ck about what everyone else thought and about fitting into society the way I thought I was supposed to, and live out the purpose God was calling me to, as wild and ridiculous as it seemed.

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