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Buying Leiki Chapter 5: Leap & The Net Will Appear

I was by myself in my new home and I decided it was the perfect time to smudge it- a ritual using sage, signifying the removal of bad vibes from our new home and the welcoming good vibes, while praying specific things over specific spaces.

I began with getting into deep prayer and meditation. I then began making my way through my home from the front door, clockwise, praying over every space, and waving the sage around like I was some hippie fairy. It was magical and kind of hilarious, especially when I couldn't get the sage to stop burning. (It would be viral content if I captured it on video.) Nevertheless, I went all in.

I got to my "Zen Den", which was a space in my home that I crafted to be a tech free, quiet space dedicated to personal and spiritual growth: reading, journaling, meditation, prayer, yoga.

I began walking around the room with my eyes closed, praying to God that this would be a space where I could grow into the woman and leader that He has called me to be, and that I would be able to hear directly from Him on his purpose for my life.

As I prayed the words “your purpose for my life”, I opened my eyes and on the floor was Avery’s baby blanket with a blue bird embroidered on it.

(If you don't know what the blue bird is, I wrote in Chapter 4 about how I asked God for a sign, and the sign was a blue bird.)

I began laughing, and told God, “Okay I think I hear you, but you know I'm difficult, so jive with me, God… show me 1 more blue bird.”

Andrew returned home to an overwhelming smell of burnt sage. I began talking a mile per minute telling him about the blue bird. I didn’t tell him that I asked God for a second bird. Suddenly Avery shouted “OMG Mommy!” She was watching a youtube video, so she rewound it and pressed play. As she did, my eyes became the size of quarters.

“Subscribe”, a youtube kid’s voice said, “and you might just find TWO blue birds perched right on your window!” Just then 2 freaking blue birds flew across the screen. She looked at me and said, "That just happened"...

I bought and I never felt more confident about a decision in my life. I don’t know what the future holds yet, but after refining the mission, vision, values, goals, strategies, and plan, I know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

My purpose on this earth is to empower beach families, just like myself & my family, to create an epic life. That’s it. That’s my mission, my message, and my purpose. Whether it's helping you start a new chapter in a new home, or outfitting you in sick boardies (stay tuned for Leiki Bikini, girls!), or writing my blog, or creating content... it's all to fulfill my purpose to help you live an epic life.

In order to inspire others to live life epically, I need to be willing to put my money where my mouth is, fully accept the fact that I’m a neurodivergent, ADHD visionary, and give myself permission to live out my purpose and passion, not trying to fit into anyone else’s box, but being completely free to live life on my terms.

I love that Leiki was created by a bunch of ultra rad local surf dads from ultra rad local surf families, just like our’s. It feels tribal to have the honor of carrying this art to it's next chapter. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for these families, their vision, their art, their hearts, and the opportunity they have given me to carry on what they started. I will not fail you, my dear friends. This is something so much more important than boardies.

So that’s why I bought a boardshort company. I am stokedddd for the future. I’m excited to have the opportunity to outfit the local beach patrols to honor my Grandfather & Dad (both deceased), who served on the Atlantic City Beach Patrol, along with my uncles.

I’m excited to learn all about manufacturing and creating awesome gear and products for my people- Beach Bums. I’m excited to get to sponsor and build an empowering support system for local surfers & groms. I’m excited to build relationships with surf shops around the world and share this lifestyle with beachbums far and wide.

The future looks pretty Epic, and yet I know with great opportunity comes great challenge, so I appreciate all encouragement, good vibes, and prayer as I embark on a new chapter of our story.

To the Leiki Boys & their families, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I intend to build on your legacy and make you all super proud. Yew! ❤️🤙

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